Triple Occupancy - from $710

​($660 with $50 discount)

y Bird - Pay in full by September 1st

Share this room with two other yogis. Shared bath


About the Mountain Reflection Women's Yoga Retreat

We had such an amazing time three years in a row that we are going back to Shadowcliff! Find yourself surrounded by the stunning mountains and glacial lakes of Grand Lake where you can deepen your yoga practice and rejuvenate your mind, body, and soul.

Reflect, learn, grow, and be adventurous with your fellow sisters.  Sasha Woodard would like to invite you to join her at the spiritually special Shadow Cliff Lodge where she will guide you in your yoga practice, workshops and meditation.  Sasha believes in the healing power of yoga and nature and this retreat will combine the two wonderfully.

Consider this retreat an opportunity for you to nourish yourself, to welcome the chance to be fulfilled and to connect to your self and nature.  What a gift you can give to yourself or someone you cherish.

About the Town – Grand Lake, Colorado​

Grand Lake is a small town that is located in the Northwestern region of the Rocky Mountain state of Colorado. Grand Lake sits at the southwest entrance to Rocky Mountain National Park. Grand Lake is Colorado's largest and deepest natural lake, and is part of the headwaters of the Colorado River. The Town of Grand Lake is a Statutory Town located in Grand County, Colorado, United States. The population was 447 at the 2000 census. Established in 1881, Grand Lake sits at an elevation of 8369 feet (2551 m). It derives its name from the lake on whose shores it is situated: Grand Lake, the most extensive natural body of water in Colorado.

Mountain Reflection Women’s Yoga Retreat Includes:

  • Accommodations for three nights (arrive Thursday afternoon, check out Sun @ 10:00am)

  • Daily yoga practice, guided meditation, workshops

  • Breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Healthy meals, starting with dinner on Thursday night and ending with breakfast on Sunday morning. Vegetarian, gluten-free, and dairy-free options.

  • Daily happy hour

  • Free time - to be used per yogi’s choice and expense (i.e. shopping in Grand Lake’s charming shops, nap, hiking, stand-up paddle boarding, kayaking, napping, reading)


Deposit - $200)

y Bird - Pay in full by September 1st

Hold your spot with a deposit.

Remaining balance due August 1st



Single Occupancy - $845

($795 with $50 discount)

y Bird - Pay in full by September 1st

Room to yourself. Shared bathroom. 


About the Accommodations​

Shadowcliff offers a variety of European-style accommodations for guests looking to stay in Grand Lake. Their distinctly unique feel has been described as reminiscent of summer camp, both warm and welcoming, and peacefully rustic. Shadowcliff offers comfortable, relaxing guest roomswith shared bathrooms and private showers.​

Mountain Reflection Women's Yoga Retreat

Discount Opportunities

Choose one of the following and enjoy a discount!

Bring a Friend = Get a friend to sign up and you get a $50 discount

*Early Bird= Book your spot by June 1st for a $50 discount

Repeat Yogi = Attended a Yama Yoga retreat in the past? Enjoy a $50 discount

VIP Yogi = Attended more than two Yama Yoga retreats? Enjoy a $75 discount

Full payment (or remaining balance if deposit was made) must be received by June 1st to receive the Early Bird Discount . All discounts are applied after purchase is made. If you know you will be taking advantage of one of the discounts and would like it applied prior to payment, reach out to me and I will create a custom PayPal button for you. 


About the Food​

Shadowcliff considers their kitchen to be a compassionate one, a place where the food that is prepared and served is a further expression of the principles of sustainability and hospitality that guide their work. By modeling ethical choices that result in tasty and nutritious meals, served with care and attention, Shadowcliff staff shows guests one more way to bring our daily decisions into alignment with a sustainable restorative world. From planning menus to buying, preparing and serving, Shadowcliff’s goal is to live both well and lightly on the earth.

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Yama Yoga

Room & Payment Details 

  • If you sign up for a Triple Occupancy and are not coming with two friends, I will do my best to assign you to a room with two available guests. If I can only link you with one person, you will be charged for a Double Occupancy room.
  • Each room has one queen bed and multiple twin bunk beds​. Shared bathrooms are at the end of the hall.
  • Full payment is due August 1st, ​
  • Reservations cancelled before August 14th will get 50% refund
  • No refunds after September 1st. Cash, check, or PayPal payments accepted.​​ 

Balance your Life

September 5th - 8th, 2019

Grand Lake, Colorado

About the Retreat Center – Shadowcliff​

Shadowcliff is an eco-friendly mountain sanctuary nestled in the heart of the Rockies and the foothills of Grand Lake, Colorado.  This sanctuary is a not-for-profit organization whose mission is, “An eco-friendly mountain sanctuary where together we are creating a climate for a restorative world.”  Shadowcliff is safe place for personal and community retreat and renewal. At Shadowcliff, you will be educated and encouraged to reconnect with the natural world and ask questions about choices that we make during our lives.

Double Occupancy - $755

($705 with $50 discount)

y Bird - Pay in full by September 1st

Share room with one other yogi. Shared bathroom.