Yama Yoga believes that yoga is a means to bringing balance and harmony to your life. It is a journey of the body, mind and spirit and Yama Yoga is happy to bring yoga’s ancient form of discipline to everyone, regardless of age, health, and physical ability. 

About Discover Your Wonder Retreat

Rediscover and embrace your wonder! Find yourself retreating in one of the most magical, whimsical, and aw-inspiring dwellings. Our aptly-named destination, The Wonder Haus, is set in the stunning San Juan mountains of Pagosa Springs, Colorado. This underground adobe home will welcome you through it’s four-story tower and invite you to rooftop evening sessions of counting shooting stars.  Check out this amazing home, recently showcased in Apartment Therapy here

During the Discover Your Wonder Retreat, gorgeous surroundings shall inspire you to deepen your yoga practice as well as to revive your sense of magic and wonder. Your mind, body, and soul will feel alive and rejuvenated.  

Sasha is honored and elated that house host and soul sister, Adrian Hesselgren Young, will also be joining us.  Adrian, a positive psychology practitioner, will be sharing with us her well-being insights and practices.

Come to reflect, learn, grow, and be adventurous with your fellow “sisters”.  You will leave the retreat feeling more relaxed, nourished, fulfilled, and more loved than when you arrived.  Sasha would like to invite you to join her at the magical Wonder Haus where she will guide you in your yoga practice, workshops and meditation.  Sasha believes in the healing power of yoga and nature. You will too. 

Let this retreat be a wonderful gift to yourself or someone you cherish.  

Within the magical walls of Wonder Haus and among the beautiful mountains and healing waters of Pagosa Springs, CO


Yama Yoga's Philosophy

Discover Your Wonder ~ Women's Yoga Retreat Includes:

  • Accommodations for three nights (arrive Thursday @ 2:00, check out Sunday @ 10:00am)
  • Daily yoga practice and guided meditation

  • Meals, starting with dinner on Thursday night and ending with breakfast on Sunday morning

  • Nightly happy hour

  • Free time - to be used per yogi’s choice and expense (i.e. hot springs, exploring charming Pagosa Springs, nap, hiking, reading.)

With Sasha Woodard, RYT

Discover Your Wonder - Women's Yoga Retreat

Pagosa Springs, Colorado

October 11th - 14th, 2018 

Yama Yoga

I look forward to guiding you through a yogic journey to find balance and happiness in your life. ~Sasha Woodard


October 11th - 14th , 2018

(Thursday - Sunday)



You, your sister, friend, mom, bestie

Balance your Life
Yama Yoga

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Rejuvenate the body, mind and soul. Deepen your yoga practice, meditate, unwind, eat good food, adventure, and explore the stunning natural surroundings. Discover your magic and wonder!

Women's Yoga Retreat for learning, connecting, relaxing, and well-being